First Embedded Project at Eclipse Labs

2010/06/16 – 01:12

At the weekend i set up the yakindu project at Eclipse Labs. Initially we planned to provide public access to source code, issue tracker, forums, etc. by hosting the project on Sourceforge. That plan changed when the Eclipse Foundation announced on May 13th that they coorperate with Google on the project hosting platform Eclipse Labs. Since that platform is closer to Eclipse and promises a much better visibility of the Yakindu Tools (and even though it has some drawbacks compared to the functionality of the Sourceforge platform) we decided to switch to that hosting platform.

So when i created the project (and still now) the yakindu project is the only project in the category Embedded. The project already provides access to the source code, the public issue tracker, and a user forum (a google group). Since thee is a qouta for the downloads at Eclipse Labs we still have to decide how to handle the downloads of the Yakindu Eclipse Distributions (they are currently still on Sourceforge).  We also will continue to host our continuous build system on the Hudson server at itemis.

I am very curious how Eclipse Labs will develop since it is still in an early phase. Currently there are 318 projects – that means more than 10 projects a day have been registered per day in average. That is promising.


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