YAKINDU Statechart Tools: M02

2009/04/08 – 23:31

After about a month of work the M02 version of the statechart tools is online. This version contains some new features that are very valuable like a Java code generator, a UML2 transformation,  and a common expression language for guard and action expressions. Existing parts like the simulation engine, the C code generator, the Eclipse IDE integration and of course the documentation were improved. 

The following diagram gives an overview of the top level tool components.

I like the new version very much and think it is very usable. Nevertheless there are still things to do. The next topics we are currently working on is support for test driven development of state charts. So this will include a test DSL (domain specific language) that allows to specify test cases independently of whether you execute the tests by using the state chart interpreter or the generated C or Java code. We will use a textual test DSL that will be implemented using Xtext. Additionally the next version will also contain a source feature that is not published yet.

Everyone who is interested can download the YAKINDU statechart tools from the download page. Please first take a look at the user guide that is also available there.

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