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Subversion Client and Server Versions…

Thursday, 24. September 2009 10:13

Just as a reminder for me and other Subversion Users out there:
Be careful with just upgrading your subversion client especially if you are using branches and do often some merges.

As of a new feature of Subversion 1.6 there is a new conflict type called Treeconflict.
Read here in Detail when you have to expect unresolvable conflicts if your subversion server is not 1.6 or higher…

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Upgrading your SVN including your Apache Modules

Friday, 5. June 2009 7:42

Well, after writing the last post about using SVN with all your built-in tools on the mac I felt over the built-in svn version.
As I had updated my svn via MacPorts and therefore set my PATH to somewhere in /opt I had the problem if I created a Repository with SVN 1.6 my Apache-URL for SVN didn’t work.
Naturally it couldn’t because it used svn version 1.4.4. So to fix this little problem the easiest way is to get the Universal Binary of the Subversion Client from Collabnet.


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Mac OS X, his built-in Apache, SVN and PHP, and using WebSVN

Thursday, 28. May 2009 15:26

First to say I really have a svn repository for everything. As for this I like to use some functionalities to browse and use SVN smartly. And well nearly everthing you need is already on your Mac ( if you are a mac 😉 ).


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