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About Rational Tester and Mercury Interactive

Tuesday, 11. March 2008 14:33

Well, working now for several weeks with the Rational Performance Tester I found Brian’sBlog really interesting. But yesterday there came up one post.The post was based on the post of ScaffaDaffa and I surely agree about this cite:”There is NO single excuse for a support system to NOT BE AVAILABLE on cutover. If your entire database is not available, you RUN THE OLD AND NEW SYSTEMS CONCURRENTLY. We did this three times at GE just in the time I was there. This is how every single reputable software support group in this country and abroad does it. Apparently, HP is the only company bold enough to take this radical new step of denying support to their customers who pay hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for support. Push that envelope guys – way to think outside the box.”For myself I was annoyed too some months ago when I wanted to try out WinRunner as a commercial alternative for Testing UIs and found that Mercury was acquired by HP and no longer Demo Versions were available. So the post fits perfectly into my experience.But what I am really confused about in Brian’s post are the following lines:”Here at Rational we’ve been converting Mercury customers by the dozens.[…]Many of the converted have said they would never have gone with LoadRunner had they evaluated Performance Tester – typically, it’s the script editing that gets’em. Script editing is much simpler and faster in Performance Tester than in any performance testing tool out there today.””The first statement may be true if so congratulations. But it hits me really hard on this part “typically, it’s the script editing that gets’em“.What? Ok, I am working for 10 years now in the IT and have tried a lot of tools. Maybe I am the fool in front of RPT but what Script editing?All files are saved in binary in RPT no way to get anything out or in. Fine, you have the ability to write custom code in java an use the API…But intuitive usage of this… ERROR…Then another annoying Point:RPT only offers you a recording of URL-Requests, nothing of HTML…I just tried the Demo of LoadRunner and say what you like about Mercury and/or HP but the LoadRunner was much easier on the HandsOn.Starting by choosing wether to use URL, HTML or UI recording, everything was saved in text-files. And these are editable, could be generated etc.Having a Step-Through-Assistent always in view when working with LoadRunner, it was more than easy to create, parametrize and customize your first recordings.So maybe I need to be set up to RPT and all of its so impressive features, but for the moment I haven’t found them.To express it with my favorite Metric (just my current impressions):

Tool WTFs/min
Rational Performance Tester 8
LoadRunner 2


So I am really open to figure out that I am wrong with the RPT but at the moment…Feel free to leave comments… Update: WTFs/min, take a look here  

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