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Software Updates on a Mac

Wednesday, 1. July 2009 6:37

Well, SoftwareUpdates are that easy on a mac that I normally wouldn’t blog about it.
But today I used another nice feature around the Software Update.
As I have one of my Macs at home, connecting remote mostly with “Back to my Mac”
today I wanted to start the software update.
For whatever reasons Back to my Mac hang up and I could only connect via ssh.
But Terminal and this post from TUAW to the rescue:

sudo softwareupdate -i -a

will install all available updates from the Terminal! Great, works fine!
Softwareupdate via Terminal

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Upgrading your SVN including your Apache Modules

Friday, 5. June 2009 7:42

Well, after writing the last post about using SVN with all your built-in tools on the mac I felt over the built-in svn version.
As I had updated my svn via MacPorts and therefore set my PATH to somewhere in /opt I had the problem if I created a Repository with SVN 1.6 my Apache-URL for SVN didn’t work.
Naturally it couldn’t because it used svn version 1.4.4. So to fix this little problem the easiest way is to get the Universal Binary of the Subversion Client from Collabnet.


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Mac OS X, his built-in Apache, SVN and PHP, and using WebSVN

Thursday, 28. May 2009 15:26

First to say I really have a svn repository for everything. As for this I like to use some functionalities to browse and use SVN smartly. And well nearly everthing you need is already on your Mac ( if you are a mac 😉 ).


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Using Commandline with your Clipboard

Thursday, 21. May 2009 20:01

Often I had to copy something from the terminal or shell to paste it into IM or mail something to send it someone.
So I was very happy that in OSX Terminal you can easily use CMD-C and CMD-V… but today I read about an even better way in Felix’ Blog:
In OS X just use the two commands pbcopy and pbpaste like here:

  ls | pbcopy                 # Will copy the output of ls to the clipboard
  pbpaste                     # Will paste the contents of the clipboard to Console

Felix has also the commands listed for Linux and Cygwin under Windows.

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iPhone OS 3.0

Wednesday, 18. March 2009 8:15

Gestern wurde es also vorgestellt, dass neue OS 3.0 für das iPhone. Und ich muss sagen:
Respekt, einige Wünsche der Benutzer wurden anscheinend wirklich gehört! Hier meine Favoriten:

  • Copy & Paste, super, endlich!
  • Spotlight auf dem iPhone, lange vermisst
  • Landscape Mode für alle Haupt-Anwendungen
  • Peer-to-Peer via Bluetooth

Einige Screenshots kann man sich bei AppleInsider schon anschauen:
Screenshots vom iPhone OS 3.0

Vor allem die Umsetzung von Copy & Paste gefällt mir auf den Screenshots sehr gut, mal sehen, wie die finale Version des OS 3.0 dann aussieht,
ich bin sehr gespannt!

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First Blog-Entry sent directly from Textmate

Monday, 16. February 2009 16:41

As some may already know Textmate is one of the favorite Texteditors on Mac. So it is my choice of Tools
when it comes to editing Text, write some fast code-pieces, etc.

So this is my first try to blog with Textmate. It has some simple Setup for your blogs, like:

# Blog Name URL
myblog http://username@myblog.com/xmlrpc

So, after I have set up my configuration, I could test it by trying to fetch some of my previous posts. Works great, so now for
posting something.
And guess what: If you could read this, it worked 😉

This is a Screenshot from the Blogging-Menu in Textmate:

Update 2
If you’re working with WordPress, be sure the Date is formatted like the following:

Date: 2009-02-16 16:27:35 +0100

The Date-bundle shortcut for Blogging in Textmate will give the following:

Date: 2009-02-16 16:36:22

So if you then publish, your post will be scheduled by WordPress because it appends your timezone, in my case:

Date: 2009-02-16 16:37:11
Date: 2009-02-16 17:37:11 +0100

So modify your Date-Entry in the Blogging-Bundle via Bundles -> Bundle Editor -> Show Bundle Editor according to this:
Date-Command in Blogging-Bundle

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Some nice terminal tips…

Tuesday, 9. December 2008 7:38

… for Mac OS X Users I felt over in the last few weeks. Here are my favourite ones:

Show Path in Finder:

defaults write com.apple.finder _FXShowPosixPathInTitle -bool YES

Restart Finder afterwards via killall Finder or the Force Quit Option.
(found via TUAW)

Change Backup Interval of TimeMachine

This is really nice, if you want other Backup Times for your TimeMachine permanently.

sudo defaults write /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.backupd-autoStartInterval -int 7200

The time you pass to this command will be the backup interval in seconds, so this command will backup every 2 hours e.g.
(I think I got this also from TUAW, but haven’t found the URL yet…)

Software Update

I like this one, because I like to use cron for such tasks. So here it comes the software update command via your Terminal:

sudo softwareupdate -i -a

( and guess what? Also via TUAW)

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Finally I will again use spaces in Leopard!

Monday, 18. February 2008 18:24

Exactly what I was waiting for: If you have already upgraded your Leopard to 10.5.2 you can now disabled the automatic switch between spaces if using Command-Tab. I was really NOT using spacing because of the automatic switch, but I tried the disabling and it works like a charm! Great thing, thanxJust open your terminal and put:defaults write com.apple.Dock workspaces-auto-swoosh -bool NOthen you have kill your Dock withkillall Dock Found here:macosxhints.com – 10.5: Disable Space switching on Command-Tab in 10.5.2Tags:

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Nice Widget for Mail Todo's

Saturday, 2. February 2008 13:18

Some weeks ago I found a very nice widget to handle the Leopard Feature of Mails and iCals Todos. Even without having Mail or iCal started, you can edit, finish or delete your todos via Dashboard.Get the widget

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iPod Touch Update

Friday, 18. January 2008 15:30

Einen Tag nach der Keynote von Steve Jobs habe ich das kostenpflichtige Update für den iPod-Touch gekauft. Interessant war, dass man zuerst das Update auf die Firmware 1.1.3 installieren musste (165MB) und das kostenpflichtige Update nur mit der neuesten iTunes Version funktionierte.Leider schlug das erste Update auf 1.1.3 fehl, woraufhin ich den iPod wiederherstellen musste, hiess halt 45min kopieren.Allerdings hat es sich gelohnt, Mail funktioniert einwandfrei, wie alle anderen Funktionen auch und es ist ein echter Benefit für jeden iPod Touch Besitzer.

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