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Ever heard of "Kompetenz-Attrappen"?

Tuesday, 25. March 2008 8:11

A friend of mine just used this word and I couldn’t stop laughing.For the english-readers this word could be translated with “Competence-Dummy” and it ismeant to be used for a person that really is NOT competent. To me the german wordsounds better so I will keep saying “Kompetenz-Attrappe”.Maybe an interesting study: How often do you meet a “Kompetenz-Attrappe” in your real life?

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Some Logo Histories…

Sunday, 24. February 2008 13:24

… of famous Tech Companies. (via 37Signals Sunspots)I found the evolution really interesting but take a look for yourself. It’s amazing to see how Logo’s of some Tech Companies looked like at that time.

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Tired of excuses…

Friday, 22. February 2008 12:04

… from people why they are performing GTND (Getting Things NOT Done). My favourite excuse why someone couldn’t finish his/her task(s):”Sorry, I had meetings the whole day, but I try to finish today” – means, I try to get on as many meetings today to use the same excuse tomorrow -(Sounds hard but I have seen a lot of people performing “meeting hop”. Another cite: “Oh, my scheduled meeting for now is cancelled, I will take part in yours…”What are your favourite excuses you have heard so far, any similar experiences?Feel free to leave comments…P.S: Anybody there knowing what this “Decline” Button in invitations is for? ;-)

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Nice Widget for Mail Todo's

Saturday, 2. February 2008 13:18

Some weeks ago I found a very nice widget to handle the Leopard Feature of Mails and iCals Todos. Even without having Mail or iCal started, you can edit, finish or delete your todos via Dashboard.Get the widget

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