Textual models vs. graphical models – a different “view”

Thursday, 4. March 2010 13:49

Last Sunday I made a really “eye-opening” experience. I was at the Dialog Museum in Frankfurt City.
There you can attend a guidance through this museum… one and a half our in total darkness just with a blindman’s stick.
Ending up taking a drink at the “DunkelBar” (dark bar), what is really interesting if you have ordered a cup of coffee 😉

So, after this visit I thought about models… and this is a real advantage to textual models because if you have a visual impairment
you can still create, read and interpret textual models! (even your computer could read the model to you… )
So, are your models barrier-free?

To be honest there are situations I like a graphical representation of models but only because I can see!

I can only recommend this experience to anyone. It gives a real impression of the life with a visual impairment and you will be impressed how fast the human body adapt to this new situation.

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“Hidden” Feature in iTunes 9

Monday, 9. November 2009 12:17

Maybe this is not really hidden but I just found it by accident this weekend and this is because I have my iTunes Library since Version 5…

But this weekend I setup a new iTunes Library on my iMac to have really all my songs in this Library. And as I copied some songs from my MacBook Pro I saw that the iTunes Folder no longer is iTunes Music but iTunes Media. And within there is a new folder “Automatically add to iTunes”…

So this is great! I only had to copy my new songs to this folder and iTunes took them into the library. How cool is that?
Normally I buy my songs on my iPhone and sync it to my MBP and now I have just to copy these new songs into this folder, great, thanks Apple!

Update: Maybe it is a good idea to export my library from time to time and import into a new library after an iTunes Update…

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Apple, iPhone und Marketing…

Wednesday, 7. October 2009 9:03

Mir ist das erst heute morgen aufgefallen, als ich auf der A45 im Auto Radio
gehört habe…
Habt Ihr mal drauf geachtet, was Apple in Sachen Marketing mit dem iPhone geschafft hat?
Also mal ganz kurz, auch ein iPhone ist immer noch ein Handy. Zugegebenermaßen es kann etwas mehr als ein normales Handy, eben ein Smartphone. Genauso wie ein Blackberry oder Palm Pre oder einige andere…

Trotzdem hört man folgendes u.a. im Radio:
“Die aktuellen Verkehrsinformationen können sie auch direkt auf ihr Handy oder iPhone bekommen […]”

Ich find es sehr interessant was für ein Effekt dieses Marketing erzielt hat: ein iPhone ist nunmal kein Handy!
Und denkt nicht, die hätten im Radio ein Blackberry o.ä. erwähnt…

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Subversion Client and Server Versions…

Thursday, 24. September 2009 10:13

Just as a reminder for me and other Subversion Users out there:
Be careful with just upgrading your subversion client especially if you are using branches and do often some merges.

As of a new feature of Subversion 1.6 there is a new conflict type called Treeconflict.
Read here in Detail when you have to expect unresolvable conflicts if your subversion server is not 1.6 or higher…

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Software Updates on a Mac

Wednesday, 1. July 2009 6:37

Well, SoftwareUpdates are that easy on a mac that I normally wouldn’t blog about it.
But today I used another nice feature around the Software Update.
As I have one of my Macs at home, connecting remote mostly with “Back to my Mac”
today I wanted to start the software update.
For whatever reasons Back to my Mac hang up and I could only connect via ssh.
But Terminal and this post from TUAW to the rescue:

sudo softwareupdate -i -a

will install all available updates from the Terminal! Great, works fine!
Softwareupdate via Terminal

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Upgrading your SVN including your Apache Modules

Friday, 5. June 2009 7:42

Well, after writing the last post about using SVN with all your built-in tools on the mac I felt over the built-in svn version.
As I had updated my svn via MacPorts and therefore set my PATH to somewhere in /opt I had the problem if I created a Repository with SVN 1.6 my Apache-URL for SVN didn’t work.
Naturally it couldn’t because it used svn version 1.4.4. So to fix this little problem the easiest way is to get the Universal Binary of the Subversion Client from Collabnet.


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Mac OS X, his built-in Apache, SVN and PHP, and using WebSVN

Thursday, 28. May 2009 15:26

First to say I really have a svn repository for everything. As for this I like to use some functionalities to browse and use SVN smartly. And well nearly everthing you need is already on your Mac ( if you are a mac 😉 ).


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Using Commandline with your Clipboard

Thursday, 21. May 2009 20:01

Often I had to copy something from the terminal or shell to paste it into IM or mail something to send it someone.
So I was very happy that in OSX Terminal you can easily use CMD-C and CMD-V… but today I read about an even better way in Felix’ Blog:
In OS X just use the two commands pbcopy and pbpaste like here:

  ls | pbcopy                 # Will copy the output of ls to the clipboard
  pbpaste                     # Will paste the contents of the clipboard to Console

Felix has also the commands listed for Linux and Cygwin under Windows.

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First Contact with Nant

Monday, 11. May 2009 12:16

So time keeps going and therefore I had recently my first contact with Nant.
As I have worked for years with Ant in all my Java Projects I really was excited to have a deeper look into Nant.
So, what about to say, they do a really good job there. It took me at least only a few minutes to transfer my Ant-Knowledge
to Nant. Ok, I was a few tasks missing that I really often use with ant in Automation like parallel and Macros.
But to keep this to the point for Ant-Users here are my main points to keep in mind using Nant:

  • Property has no file attribute. To load external Properties put them into a Nant-Script (<name>.build) and use the import-Task
  • Include Nant-Contrib to your scripts, as useful as Ant-Contrib to Ant
    <loadtasks assembly="PATH-TO-NANT-CONTRIB/bin/NAnt.Contrib.Tasks.dll" />
  • Property-Usage! This is really a difference to Ant foremost if you have to use Nant-Functions. If you want to use more than one Property passed to the function, keep in Mind that you
    just have to use the Property-Braces once! Example:

    <property name="nant.home" 
    <property name="nant.contrib.dll" 
    <echo message="${path::combine(nant.home, nant.contrib.dll)}"/>
  • To call a specific build file use nant / instead of ant -f filebuild.xml
  • In Nant you often have to use functions instead of properties

With these points in mind it will be no problem to write Nant-Scripts if you have Ant-Experience.

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Sonntag, Sonne, Radfahren & Trails

Monday, 20. April 2009 13:25

Gestern war der letzte Urlaubstag, viel Sonne, also was tun? Radfahren stand auf dem Programm neben Grillen, und deswegen war auch nur ein wenig Zeit für die Radtour.
Also sind wir 2 Stunden ein wenig in Hessen unterwegs gewesen und ich habe endlich mal Zeit gehabt, Trails auf dem iPhone auszuprobieren. Die Kombination mit Everytrail funktioniert sehr gut.


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