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Textual models vs. graphical models – a different “view”

Thursday, 4. March 2010 13:49

Last Sunday I made a really “eye-opening” experience. I was at the Dialog Museum in Frankfurt City.
There you can attend a guidance through this museum… one and a half our in total darkness just with a blindman’s stick.
Ending up taking a drink at the “DunkelBar” (dark bar), what is really interesting if you have ordered a cup of coffee 😉

So, after this visit I thought about models… and this is a real advantage to textual models because if you have a visual impairment
you can still create, read and interpret textual models! (even your computer could read the model to you… )
So, are your models barrier-free?

To be honest there are situations I like a graphical representation of models but only because I can see!

I can only recommend this experience to anyone. It gives a real impression of the life with a visual impairment and you will be impressed how fast the human body adapt to this new situation.

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