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Mac OS X, his built-in Apache, SVN and PHP, and using WebSVN

Thursday, 28. May 2009 15:26

First to say I really have a svn repository for everything. As for this I like to use some functionalities to browse and use SVN smartly. And well nearly everthing you need is already on your Mac ( if you are a mac 😉 ).


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Using Commandline with your Clipboard

Thursday, 21. May 2009 20:01

Often I had to copy something from the terminal or shell to paste it into IM or mail something to send it someone.
So I was very happy that in OSX Terminal you can easily use CMD-C and CMD-V… but today I read about an even better way in Felix’ Blog:
In OS X just use the two commands pbcopy and pbpaste like here:

  ls | pbcopy                 # Will copy the output of ls to the clipboard
  pbpaste                     # Will paste the contents of the clipboard to Console

Felix has also the commands listed for Linux and Cygwin under Windows.

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First Contact with Nant

Monday, 11. May 2009 12:16

So time keeps going and therefore I had recently my first contact with Nant.
As I have worked for years with Ant in all my Java Projects I really was excited to have a deeper look into Nant.
So, what about to say, they do a really good job there. It took me at least only a few minutes to transfer my Ant-Knowledge
to Nant. Ok, I was a few tasks missing that I really often use with ant in Automation like parallel and Macros.
But to keep this to the point for Ant-Users here are my main points to keep in mind using Nant:

  • Property has no file attribute. To load external Properties put them into a Nant-Script (<name>.build) and use the import-Task
  • Include Nant-Contrib to your scripts, as useful as Ant-Contrib to Ant
    <loadtasks assembly="PATH-TO-NANT-CONTRIB/bin/NAnt.Contrib.Tasks.dll" />
  • Property-Usage! This is really a difference to Ant foremost if you have to use Nant-Functions. If you want to use more than one Property passed to the function, keep in Mind that you
    just have to use the Property-Braces once! Example:

    <property name="nant.home" 
    <property name="nant.contrib.dll" 
    <echo message="${path::combine(nant.home, nant.contrib.dll)}"/>
  • To call a specific build file use nant / instead of ant -f filebuild.xml
  • In Nant you often have to use functions instead of properties

With these points in mind it will be no problem to write Nant-Scripts if you have Ant-Experience.

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