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How to Run Xtext (and other MWE2 Workflows) with Ant

Freitag, 2. Juli 2010 20:23

Some days ago Sebastian showed How to Deploy Xtext to a Headless Plain-Java Envorinment. It’s nearly as easy to run the Xtext generator with Apache Ant.

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Convert FitNesse XML reports to HTML [Update]

Dienstag, 23. Juni 2009 18:25

I wrote some XSLT style sheets to transform FitNesse and fit4oaw XML reports to HTML or JUnit compatible test reports. The HTML reports contain the complete test output. However, the JUnit compatible test reports only contain the summary of each test. […]

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Adding fit4oaw to your CI build (using Ant and Hudson)

Freitag, 3. April 2009 13:16

fit4oaw is a testing framework based on FitNesse for openArchitectureWare generators. To get automatic test reports the fit4oaw tests should be integrated into a continious build. In my case I am using Hudson to get my CI builds done; so I will demonstrate how to add fit4oaw to an Ant build that is run by Hudson. […]

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