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Was sind Apple iBeacons?

Das Thema iBeacon ist im aktuellen Jahr einer der Renner im eCommerce. Kaum hatte Apple seine auf BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) basierende Technologie im Juni 2013 auf dem deutschen Markt vorgestellt, rangen bereits etliche Unternehmen und neue Startups um den erfolgversprechenden Markt. Aber wie funktioniert BLE eigentlich, und was halten die neuen iBeacons für Möglichkeiten […]

DB-Connection mit MySQL über SSL

Steffen A. Mork

MySQL lässt den verschlüsselten Zugriff mit SSL zu. Dazu sollte das passende Zertifikat im Ordner /etc/ssl hinterlegt werden. Konfiguration Unter Ubuntu oder Debian empfiehlt es sich, die vom Paketverwalter mitgelieferte Datei /etc/mysql/my.cnf unangetastet zu lassen. Stattdessen können im Verzeichnis /etc/mysql/conf.d beliebig viele Dateien mit Endung .cnf ergänzt werden. Für die verschlüsselte Connection legen wir daher [...]

Graphical Views for Xtext

Xtext provides you with a powerful IDE and a rich featured text editor for your domain-specific language with little effort. But sometimes, a picture says more than a thousand words: You want to have some additional graphical representation of your models, a set of diagrams.Diagrams are superior to code when it comes to high-level views. But while programmers can easily cope with files that contain several hundred lines of code, the same amount of information usually blows a diagram and destroys [...]

Xbox360 controller C integration

Marco Scholtyssek

Today I have written some simple example code to integrate a Xbox360 controller into a C-based program. It reads the values of the controller axis and the buttons and displays them on the screen. The following picture shows the output of the code:In this case the buttons "A" and "TL", which is the top left button, were pressed. The project is called xboxControllerClient can be downloaded from my repository at The whole configuration is in the [...]

Building Xtext Languages with Maven and Gradle

Stefan Oehme

Xtext languages should be built, tested and deployed continuously, just like any other piece of software. Users expect generators to run inside popular build tools and not just inside the IDE. In this post you will learn how to create a Maven build for your Xtext language and how to consume the resulting Maven artifacts from other projects, both Maven and Gradle.The example language that we will be building is the BuildDSL from the Seven Languages project. The language itself (i.e. the grammar and [...]

Rigol DS1052D and Open Logic Sniffer

Marco Scholtyssek

Today I have tested the logic analyzer of the Rigol DS1052D oscilloscope and I noticed that the LA does not interprete the measured signals. The Rigol DS1052D is a lower priced model, so it is ok that the data is not interpreted by the oscilloscope. But it is possible to export the signals and process them on a PC with the open source tool Open Logic Sniffer. To do so you can export them as a CSV datafile. After an easy converting the data can be read by OLS. The following step describe [...]

STM32F4 controlled omnidirectional mecanum robot with odometry

Marco Scholtyssek

In the last months I worked on a new project based on an ARM STM32F4 controller. The goal was to implement a software to control a robot with mecanum wheels (also called swedish wheels). These wheels are very special, because there are rubber rollers arranged at 45 degree on the outer rim that roll passively on the ground. Thus the robot has a further degree of freedom. This means all directions (X, Y, Θ) can be reached by the robot on a plane. Despite the lack of steering axle it has the maximum [...]

Yakindu Statechart Tools 2.3.0 is ready for Luna!

Andreas Mülder

Today, the Luna release train arrived at Yakindu Statechart Tools Station! Apart from Luna compatibility, the new release version 2.3.0 provides some great new features. If you are new to statecharts and Yakindu Statechart Tools you should take a look at our Getting Started Tutorial.Installation You can download Yakindu Statechart Tools 2.3.0 for Luna either from our dowload page or install it into your existing Eclipse installation via our update site: [...]

RxJava and Xtend

Stefan Oehme

Today I wanted to contribute an Xtend language extension for RxJava. Other languages like Scala, Groovy or Kotlin had already done so, so it felt natural that there should also be one for Xtend.But looking through the examples and trying out the APIs I quickly found that no special library is needed. Xtend has all the necessary convenience. The most important feature is SAM type conversion just like in Java 8. So anywhere RxJava expects a functional interface, you can just use an Xtend lambda. This [...]

Jaas mit Wildfly und JBoss 7

Dominik Pieper

Für kleinere private Anwendungen reicht es meist, die Daten der Benutzer in einer MySQL Datenbank abzulegen. Mit ein paar einfachen Schritten lassen sich der Wildfly Application Server und der JBoss 7 dazu bewegen, die Authentifizierung über eine MySQL Datenbankabfrage zu realisieren. Zu Beginn wird die Datenbank angelegt: [crayon-5416c6b9267b5745161959/] Diese hat folgendes Schema: In die angelegt […]