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Interactive GUI development

Falko Riemenschneider

Interactive GUI development18.02.2014 Permalink Although my time for working on my hobby project visuals is currently very limited I have made some progress. Visuals is a Clojure library for JavaFX GUI development. It has a reactive core and allows specification of forms in an internal DSL. The library is still in its very early stages but so far it looks promising. Tonight I managed to bring instant feedback to the lifecycle: Als MP4 ansehen. In 2011 I started to develop an external [...]

Shoes for the Shoemaker

Ed Merks

We shoemakers are typically so busy making shoes for others that we and our children are often out and about in shoddy shoes if not barefoot. There is also a strong tendency in the wider Eclipse community to find fault without taking action, looking instead to others to magically fix problems while feeling entitled to "motivate" those actions with poisonous complaints. We should consider carefully what's wrong with this picture.Consider for example the all-important Eclipse Platform project and [...]

Announcing XtextCON 2014

Sven Efftinge

I'm super stoked to announce the first edition of XtextCON, an annual conference on Eclipse Xtext.With close to 6000 newsgroup items per year the Xtext community is one of the largest and most active at Although conferences such as EclipseCON feature many talks on Xtext, they usually cannot go into much detail as those conferences are targeting many different technologies. XtextCON should be an event where we can dive deeper. It is a community event and is meant to help users solving [...]

Quick Survey about XtextCON

Sven Efftinge

Dear Xtext-Community!we think it's time for an annual meet-up / conference ... what ever, solely on Xtext. The first one is planned to take place on May 26 and 27 and I'm in the process of building a website including the program. For that I need your help :-)I have compiled a list of Xtext-related topics, and would like to ask you to give feedback about which you find interesting, and also which are missing. So, in case consider attending XtextCon, please take the survey below (it's just one question). [...]

Fragen macht klug – AttrakDiff und UEQ: Fragebögen zum Messen der User Experience

Michael Jendryschik

iX Magazin für professionelle Informationstechnik, Ausgabe 02/2014, S. 90–94 Bei der Gestaltung interaktiver Systeme, beispielsweise einer Website, geht es darum, positive Emotionen beim Benutzer zu wecken, während er mit dem System interagiert. Das ist mittlerweile vielen Anbietern wichtig, weil davon der Erfolg ihres Vorhabens abhängt. Während Usability Engineers sich … Weiterlesen

Durch die Brille des Nutzers

Michael Jendryschik

in zwei Teilen erschienen bei den Webkrauts, am 14. Dezember und am 15. Dezember 2013. Interaktive Systeme können nur dann erfolgreich sein, wenn von Beginn an klar ist, welche Probleme sie eigentlich lösen sollen, und wenn jede einzelne Anforderung aus der Sicht des Nutzers begründet ist. Sonst … Weiterlesen

Auswahl einer guten SSL-Verschlüsselung

Steffen A. Mork

Die neuesten Nachrichten aus den USA über das Mitlauschen der NSA des nahezu gesamten Internet-Verkehrs hat gezeigt, dass es heißt mit Daten sehr sensibel umzugehen. Es hat sich aber auch gezeigt, dass die bloße Verschlüsselung z.B. über HTTPS alleine nicht ausreicht, da häufig Verschlüsselungsalgorithmen (z.B. RC4) eingesetzt werden, von denen man vermutet, dass die erzeugten [...]

AUTOSAR reports with Artop and BIRT

Andreas Graf

Even in times of model-based development, artefacts like pdf and Word are still important for documentation. With Eclipse based technologies, it is easy to produce documents in various formats from your AUTOSAR xml. One approach would be to use Eclipse … Weiterlesen →

Mosel Ferienwohnung in Zeltingen-Rachtig


An der Mosel gibt es sicherlich viele schöne Ferienwohnungen und Hotels. Eine besonders schöne Ferienwohnung findet man bei den Webers im idyllisch gelegenen Zeltenden-Rachtig. Die Ferienwohnung ist mehr als eine Alternative zu einem Hotelzimmer. Die Mosel bietet Aktivurlaubern ideale Bedingungen. … Continue reading →

5 Usability Flaws in GMF (and how to fix them)

Andreas Mülder

Although GMF (Graphical Modeling Framework) editors are an endangered species and future editors will be developed with JavaFX there is still a bunch of GMF editors out there. And most of them have something in common: a lack of usability. The good news are that some usability flaws are easy to fix. In Yakindu Statechart Tools we spend a lot of time in improving the usability of our GMF Runtime based editor. Here is a random selection of 5 usability flaws in GMF and how we fixed them.The following [...]