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Sphinx’ ResourceSetListener, Notification Processing and URI change detection

Andreas Graf

The Sphinx framework adds functionality for model management to the base EMF tooling. Since it was developed within the Artop/AUTOSAR activities, it also includes code to make sure that the name-based references of AUTOSAR models are always correct.  This includes … Continue reading →

Enriching RESTful Services with Swagger

Philipp Hauer

Consuming RESTful services can be a laborious task, because there is much low-level-work to do. Jealously we looked at the WS*/SOAP guys: They can easily generate a nice client API based on the formal interface specification WSDL. This significantly simplifies the service consumption. For a long time the REST world lacks a widespread formal specification and generation […] The post Enriching RESTful Services with Swagger appeared first on Philipp Hauer's Blog.

AUTOSAR: OCL, Xtend, oAW for validation

Andreas Graf

In a recent post, I had written about Model-to-Model-transformation with Xtend. In addition to M2M-transformation, Xtend and the new Sphinx Check framework are a good pair for model validation. There are other frameworks, such as OCL, which are also candidates. … Continue reading →

DemoCamp Mars in Stuttgart: Great People, Talks, and Food

Niko Stotz

We had a nice DemoCamp in Stuttgart for Eclipse Mars Release train. About 50 people had a great time alongside great food. The full agenda, including links to all slides, can be found in the Eclipse Wiki. The first talk by Matthias Zimmermann showed the Business Application Framework Scout, especially the new features of Mars […]

GEF4 - Mission to Mars Accomplished!

Alexander Nyßen

It's finally done. With today's Mars release we are able to celebrate the first release of the new GEF4 components, on which we have been intensively working for the last five years. A good opportunity for a small retrospective about our "Mission to Mars" and for some sightseeing "at the landing zone".
Countdown and Liftoff! - The Story behind GEF4The renewal of the GEF API had already been a vision back in 2010, when development of Zest 2.x was started with the goal to revise [...]

limiting the number of parallel Eclipse jobs

Alexander Nittka

Using ISchedulingRules it is fairly easy to enforce only one job of a certain type to be executed at the same time. Not using rules, you can run as many jobs in parallel as Eclipse allows. But what if you want at most 5 jobs running in parallel in order not to freeze the system...?

Eclipse DemoCamp 2015 “Mars” at University Stuttgart Vaihingen on July 1st, 17:45 hrs

Niko Stotz

Right on the heels of this year’s Eclipse “Mars” release, we will again run a DemoCamp in Stuttgart. It will take place on Wednesday, July 1st, 2015 17:45 hrs at Stuttgart University in Stuttgart-Vaihingen Informatik Building Universitätsstraße 38 70569 Stuttgart Room Hörsaal 38.03 Details around the DemoCamp can be found at As usual, admission […]

Install GCC with C++14 support on Ubuntu/Mint

Marco Scholtyssek

The current GCC in the ubuntu repository doesn’t support the C++14 standard. To use the C++14 install the GCC has to be updated manually. It can be found in the Ubuntu Toolchain PPA. After this, the C++ compiler can be updated. … Continue reading →

Meanderings on AUTOSAR model repositories (and other models)

Andreas Graf

When working with AUTOSAR models, model storage and management is topic to be solved. In this blog post, I coarsely discuss some thoughts – it is intended as collection of topics that projects using AUTOSAR models have to adresse, but … Continue reading →

FXDiagram goes IDEA

Jan Köhnlein

You may have heard already that the Xtext team is currently porting Xtext and Xtend to IntelliJ IDEA. To get acquainted with the new APIs I decided to spend a few hours of my spare time to port FXDiagram as well. Here is a screencast of the first shot with a class diagram for Java code:

As the core of FXDiagram is independent of Eclipse, this was easier than expected. IDEA is a Swing (!) application, and the JFXPanel allows to embed JavaFX controls within Swing. The hardest [...]