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Eisenbahnsteuerung jetzt Open Source

Steffen A. Mork

Das Projekt der modell(-bau-)basierten Eisenbahnsteuerung ist ab sofort auf SourceForge als Open Source verfügbar. Die Startseite ist unter erreichbar. Der Quellcode und die Schaltungen können aus dem Subversion-Repository heruntergeladen werden. Viel Spaß!

How to Run Xtext (and other MWE2 Workflows) with Ant


Some days ago Sebastian showed How to Deploy Xtext to a Headless Plain-Java Envorinment. It’s nearly as easy to run the Xtext generator with Apache Ant. You just need the required libraries and the following Ant snippet to run the Xtext generator (or any other MWE2 workflow): <path id="gen.classpath"> <fileset dir="lib" includes="*.jar"/> <pathelement location="src"/> </path> […]

First Embedded Project at Eclipse Labs

Axel Terfloth

At the weekend i set up the yakindu project at Eclipse Labs. Initially we planned to provide public access to source code, issue tracker, forums, etc. by hosting the project on Sourceforge. That plan changed when the Eclipse Foundation announced on May 13th that they coorperate with Google on the project hosting platform Eclipse Labs. Since […]

Yakindu Statechart Tools 1.1.0

Axel Terfloth

At the beginning of this month we have built the 1.1.0 release of the Yakindu Statechart Tools (SCT). This version is build for Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo). And contains some important improvements like: a new simulation engine that applies the java code generator to make sure that simulation and generated java code behave identical validation for […]

XtendTools 1.0.0 released


Today, the first release of XtendTools has been published! The Xtend Tools are a library of reusable extensions for Xtend/Xpand called Xtend Lib and a set of utility classes for testing Xpand templates and Xtend extensions using JUnit. Xtend Tools is a utility project hosted at the Fornax Platform, a development platform for tools related […]

Groovy EMF Builder


Yesterday I started the open source project Groovy EMF Builder. The project is hosted at SourceForge and licensed under the Apache License 2.0. As you alyready might have guessed the Groovy EMF Builder is a builder for the Groovy programming language to create EMF models. Using the EMF Builder, an EMF model can be created […]

Modellbasierte Server-Konfiguration auf TMF/Xtext umgestellt


Seit etwa zwei Jahren wird die IT-Infrastruktur der itemis mithilfe der modellbasierten Server-Konfiguration verwaltet. Vorteil dieser Methode ist, dass aus einer zentralen Übersicht der Server-Landschaft – dem Modell – die Konfigurationsdateien eines jeden Servers generiert werden. Dabei werden auch Abhängigkeiten berücksichtigt, die sich z.B. durch verwendete Dienste auf unterschiedlichen Servern ergeben. Im Modell werden alle […]

Convert FitNesse XML reports to HTML [Update]


I wrote some XSLT style sheets to transform FitNesse and fit4oaw XML reports to HTML or JUnit compatible test reports. The HTML reports contain the complete test output. However, the JUnit compatible test reports only contain the summary of each test. Download: The zip file contains style sheets for FitNesse and fit4oaw. However, the […]

YAKINDU Statechart Tools: M02

Axel Terfloth

After about a month of work the M02 version of the statechart tools is online. This version contains some new features that are very valuable like a Java code generator, a UML2 transformation,  and a common expression language for guard and action expressions. Existing parts like the simulation engine, the C code generator, the Eclipse […]

Adding fit4oaw to your CI build (using Ant and Hudson)


fit4oaw is a testing framework based on FitNesse for openArchitectureWare generators. To get automatic test reports the fit4oaw tests should be integrated into a continious build. In my case I am using Hudson to get my CI builds done; so I will demonstrate how to add fit4oaw to an Ant build that is run by […]