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Supporting Model-To-Transformation in Java with AspectJ

Andreas Graf

There are a number of Model-To-Model-Transformation Frameworks provided under the Eclipse umbrelle (e.g. QVTO). Some of these provide a lot of support. However, in some scenarios, you need to either adapt them or implement your own M2M with Java. For … Weiterlesen →

JEE-Generator vorgestellt

Steffen A. Mork

Seit geraumer Zeit entwickele ich mit meinem Kollegen Dominik Pieper an einem JEE-Generator, mit dem es auf einfache Art und Weise möglich ist, eine CRUD-Webanwendung zu generieren. In einem kleinen Einführungsvideo stelle ich einen kleinen Einstieg in den Generator dar. Der generierte Code ist eine JEE6-Applikation basierend auf JSF 2.0 und EJB 3.1. Alle Masken [...]

Functional Architectures (EAST-ADL) and Managing Behavior Models

Andreas Graf

In the early phases of systems engineering, functional architectures are used to create a functional description of the system without specifying details about the implementation (e.g. the decision of implementation in HW or SW). In EAST-ADL, the building blocks of … Weiterlesen →

Generating AUTOSAR basic software with Xpand and Artop

Andreas Graf

AUTOSAR basic software can be configured by a lot of different parameters. Both for AUTOSAR standard modules and vendor specific basic software modules, the parameters that can be configured are defined in parameter definitions and the actual values are configured … Weiterlesen →

A common component model for communication matrixes and architecture metrics for EAST-ADL, AUTOSAR and others.

Andreas Graf

In the engineering process, it is often of interest to see communication matrixes or metrics for your architecture. Depending on the meta-model (EAST-ADL, AUTOSAR, SysML)  and the tool, that kind of information might or might not be available. In the … Weiterlesen →

Preparations for CodeGeneration 2013


As I am addicted to code generation and DSLs, the CodeGeneration conference in Cambridge is always a must each year. Last year I could not make it, since I had the chance to speak at EclipseCon North America, which was in the same week. This year Mark took EclipseCon into his considerations (it was last […]

XtendTools 1.0.1 released


A new release of XtendTools is available! Release 1.0.1 contains some bug fixes and additions suggested in the comments of my blog post about the initial release of XtendTools (see change log for details) and also a complete Javadoc-like API documentation of XtendLib which has been generated using XtendDoc. As usual, comments, suggestions and contributions […]

API Documentation Generator for Xtend


During some of my last Xtext and/or Xpand based MDSD projects I wrote a lot of extensions and model transformations with Xtend. Unfortunately is it very hard to efficiently reuse extensions, if there was no API documentation at all or the documentation was scattered across a lot of files. I really wished to have something […]

Executable HMI Specifications with Flash and Yakindu Statecharts

Axel Terfloth

Human machine interfaces (HMI) are inherently interactive and dynamical. An important goal of HMI engineering is to optimize the interaction between the human being and the machine. The ergonomics and efficiency of an HMI is mainly driven by the quality of its design. This makes the HMI design a central part of HMI specifications. Due […]

oAW-Tools jetzt Open Source

Steffen A. Mork

Die oAW-Tools sind ab sofort auf SourceForge als Open Source verfügbar. Die oAW-Tools beinhalten eine Reihe kleiner Komponenten und Beautifier. Die Startseite ist unter erreichbar. Der Quellcode kann aus dem Subversion-Repository heruntergeladen werden. Ferner gibt es noch eine Update-Site, die direkt aus dem Eclipse benutzt werden kann. Viel Spaß!