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Convert Java snippets to Xtend with Ctrl-Shift-V

Dietmar Stoll

Xtend is a dialect of Java which compiles into Java source code. The Xtend-integration in the Eclipse IDE allows developers to work simultaneously with Java and Xtend. As the syntax of both is similar, converting from Java to Xtend is not too hard, but it usually needs manual adjustments. Using the neat shortcut Ctrl-Shift-V (Ctrl+Shift+V/Cmd-Shift-V/Cmd+Shift+V) to paste Java code into Xtend files substantially reduces the manual editing. It helps to quickly get compilable Xtend code. Here are some [...]

Xtend: Active Annotation Processing in IntelliJ IDEA

Sven Efftinge

This is a short screencast showing the use of @Accessors, @EqualsHashCode and @Data within IntelliJ IDEA 15.

See how getters, setters and other boiler plate gets eliminated in Xtend.

Note, that unlike case classes in Scala or data in Kotlin, in Xtend these annotations are just library. You can easily build your own!

Tutorial: Continuous Delivery with Docker and Jenkins

Philipp Hauer

Introducing Continuous Delivery means to automate the delivery process and to release our application frequently. This way, we improve the reliability of the release process, reduce the risk and get feedback faster. However, setting up a Continuous Delivery pipeline can be difficult in the beginning. In this step by step tutorial I will show you how to […] The post Tutorial: Continuous Delivery with Docker and Jenkins appeared first on Philipp Hauer's Blog.

Improved Grammar Inheritance

Sebastian Zarnekow

Since the very first day of Xtext, it was possible to extend another grammar to mixin its rule declarations to reuse or specialize them. For most use cases that was straightforward and a perfect match. For others it was rather cumbersome so far because the original declaration was no longer reachable from the sub-language. Copy and paste was the only solution to that problem. The good news? The situation changes with Xtext 2.9 significantly.
The newly introduced super call allows to override [...]

Tycho 0.24, pom less builds and Eclipse m2e maven integration

Andreas Graf

A very short technical article which might be useful in the next few days. Tycho 0.24 has been released, and one of its most interesting features is the support for POM-less builds. The Tycho 0.24 release notes explain the use … Continue reading →

Discussing Docker. Pros and Cons.

Philipp Hauer

Docker allows us to easily create reproducible environments for our application. We automate the setup of the environment and eliminate manual error-prone tasks. This way we reduce the risks and the reliability of the deployment process. But there are also challenges and domains, where the usage of Docker can be difficult. This post discusses several advantages of […] The post Discussing Docker. Pros and Cons. appeared first on Philipp Hauer's Blog.

The Xtext Grammar Learned New Tricks

Sebastian Zarnekow

Since the Xtext 2.9 release is around the corner - and you've for sure read about the upcoming support for IntelliJ IDEA or Xtext editors in the browser -, it's time to unveil some of the new features of the Xtext grammar language itself. In a nutshell the enhancements address a couple of long standing feature requests and non-critical issues that we had. But especially complex grammars sometimes required duplicated or repetitive parts to implement the language syntax. We felt that it was about time [...]

Yakindu Statechart Tools Survey - Intermediate Results

Andreas Mülder

Ten days ago we started a short survey about YAKINDU Statechart Tools to get a better understanding what we have to improve and which features we should implemement next. The survey is still online - so if you are a Statechart Tools user and could spend 5 minutes to complete that'd be great. 
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Xtext for IntelliJ IDEA - Preview

Sven Efftinge

Today we've released a preview version for the upcoming IntelliJ IDEA support of Xtext. With this it is now possible to develop Xtext languages entirely in IDEA and due to the cool Gradle support in any other environment, too.

The preview plugins for IntelliJ IDEA can be installed from the following repository location:

Note that Xtext requires the latest IDEA 15 Preview build.

I've [...]

Automotive MDSD – What pickle?

Andreas Graf

Over at the modeling languages website, Scott Finnie has started a number of posts detailing his point of view on the status of model driven approaches. He concludes his first post with the statement “No wonder we’re in a pickle.”. … Continue reading →