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Auto-GWT - Boilerplate Free GWT Programming

Sven Efftinge

Maybe not especially new for everybody, but: GWT is NOT dead! I've been at the GWT.create conference yesterday, a two-day conference on GWT only that took place in San Jose last week and this week in Munich. With over 400 attendees it was sold out. If that is not enough evidence of the liveliness of the project, you may have missed that Google runs huge projects on GWT. The latest one is Google Inbox. Add all the nice improvements (like increased compile speed) the latest releases have to offer [...]

XtextDay and EclipseCon San Francisco 2015

Sven Efftinge

In case you've missed it, we are organizing a so called XtextDay co-located with EclipseCon 2015. The program is already online for a couple of weeks: Sebastian and I will start the day talking about the newest developments (e.g. Intellij IDEA support, web editor support, incremental standalone builders, etc.). After that we will hear how Xtext languages are used to design REST APIs. In the afternoon we have in-depth sessions on Xbase, performance and scoping, and after the coffee break we will [...]

Why to use an empty Oomph project.

Alexander Nittka

The expert mode of the Eclipse Oomph installer lets you skip the project selection in order to materialize a plain Eclipse product. Read on if you want to know, why it may be better to install an empty project.

Writing Fast tests for uniqueness in AUTOSAR (and other models) with Java 8

Andreas Graf

One of the repeating tasks when writing model checks for AUTOSAR (but also for other models) is to check for uniqueness according to some criterion. In AUTOSAR, this could be that all elements in a collection must be unique with … Continue reading →

Sichere Konfiguration für OpenSSH

Steffen A. Mork

Nach neuesten Erkenntnissen [2] und [3] ist die NSA nicht nur an HTTPS-Verkehr, sondern auch an SSH interessiert. Es ist aber nicht so, dass SSH grundsätzlich geknackt ist, sondern dass SSH-Verkehr nur unter gewissen Umständen entziffert werden kann. Werden entsprechend gute Cipher verwendet, ist auch für die NSA eine Entschlüsselung derzeit nicht möglich. Wie bei [...]

Towards a generic splitable framework implementation – Post #3

Andreas Graf

In the previous blog posts I have layed out the basic thoughts about a framework for splitable implementation. As indicated, we are using AspectJ to intercept the method calls to the EMF model’s classes and change the behavior to present … Continue reading →

Towards a generic splitable framework implementation – Post #2

Andreas Graf

This blog post is the 2nd in a series of posts detailing some concepts for a generic framework for the support of splitables. For this concept we will include the term “slice”. A “slice” is one of the partial model … Continue reading →

Towards a generic splitable framework implementation – Post #1

Andreas Graf

Splitables are a concept introduced by AUTOSAR. In a nutshell, splitables allow for model elements to be split over a number of AUTOSAR files. E.g., two AUTOSAR files could contain the same package and the full model would actually consist … Continue reading →

Fornax MWE Workflow Maven Plugin 3.5.1 published on Maven Central


The Fornax Workflow plugin is a Maven Plugin that executes MWE/MWE2 workflows within Maven. It has been there for quite some years now, and whoever needed to integrate MWE/MWE2 workflows in a headless build was likely using it. The Fornax … Continue reading →

Dynamic Workflows

Andreas Graf

In this guest post by Amine Lajmi, Amine introduces the workflow framework that was designed and implemented by him and itemis Paris for Sphinx.  Dynamic Workflows Still today, MWE is used for the definition of workflows in several model-driven applications … Continue reading →